The Clock is Running Out for Caribou

Time’s Almost Up – Is this really our last chance to save west central Alberta’s caribou?

Caribou herds in west central Alberta are dwindling fast.
Here’s why and what can be done.

By Gillian Steward
Commissioned by Alberta Wilderness Association

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Learn how caribou herds in west central Alberta are vanishing and what can be done to help.

Caribou Country

West central Alberta has been home to caribou for millennia but rapid industrialization is taking its toll.

Getting to Know the Caribou of Upper Smoky

The caribou are mysterious, beautiful creatures but they are becoming a rare sight.

A Timeline of Frustration and Disappointment

For over 40 years scientists, environmentalists, government biologists and Indigenous people have been trying to save the caribou in the face of constant setbacks and delays.

A double row of logs extending for 1.6 km along Two Lakes Road, freshly harvested on Weyerhaeuser tenure in critical habitat of Alberta’s threatened Narraway caribou, April 2022.
Photo: Alberta Wilderness Association.

The Industry Players in west central Alberta

Forestry, petroleum and coal companies have been operating here for decades and are important for the region’s economy. But the caribou are important too.


Stop-gap measures are not enough. Significant action is needed now.

Looking to the Future

The caribou belong here. It would be a tragedy if we lost them.

Download the Article

Learn how caribou heards in west central Alberta are vanishing and what can be done to help.

Who is working to save caribou?

Caribou across Canada are in crisis, with many herds facing extinction due to decades of neglect. The governments and resource companies responsible for their protection are not getting the job done, failing to set aside the habitat crucial to their survival and recovery. The organizations listed here are among the leaders campaigning to save caribou along with many First Nations. Visit their websites, inform yourself and please get involved. Thank you.

Harmony Foundation

AWA is grateful for support from the Harmony Foundation that made this in depth article about the Upper Smoky Caribou possible.

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